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X-Ray Analytical Laboratory

Potential users should contact the lab manager, Jim Donahoe. Users will be asked to provide information about their samples (matrix, analytes of interest and their approximate concentrations, number of samples, etc.) before sample analysis charges can be assessed.

Bruker D8 Advance X-Ray Powder Diffractometer

x-ray diffractometer

The Bruker D8 Advance X-ray Diffractometer allows identification of inorganic and organic solid phases within a powdered sample or petrographic thin section.  The instrument operates at 40 kV/40 mA and has a 2.2 kW copper Kα radiation source. The Vantec detector allows rapid scans of samples between 4 to 100 degrees 2Ө. A 9-position sample changer allows for extended unattended use.

Bruker Software Packages

Diffrac Plus XRD Commander

This software is used for initial run setup and sample analysis.  The software allows the user to see the X-ray pattern as it is created and saves the raw data to a file.


Eva software allows the user to take the raw data from an X-ray scan and search possible matches for the minerals or compounds present in the sample.  The ICDD card patterns in the diffraction data library can be used to identify the minerals, inorganic compound or organic compound components of a sample.

Diffrac Topas

This software is a graphics based profile and structure analysis program built around a general non-linear least squares fitting system.  It uses Rietveld structural refinement and quantitative Rietveld analysis.