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dozens of lab samples in cylindrical vials

Geochemical Analytical Laboratory

The Geochemical Analytical Laboratory is dedicated to the inorganic chemical analysis of aqueous samples, including natural water samples, wastewater samples, laboratory experiment effluents and digestate solutions produced by microwave-assisted acid digestion of rock materials. Potential users should contact the lab manager, Rina Adhikari. Users will be asked to provide information about their samples (matrix, analytes of interest and their approximate concentrations, number of samples, etc.) before sample analysis charges can be assessed.

Perkin Elmer Optima 4300 DV ICP-OES

optical emission spectrometer

The Geochemical Analytical Lab has a Perkin Elmer Optima 4300 DV ICP-OES instrument (inductively coupled plasma – optical emission spectrometer) for simultaneous major, minor and trace element analysis. The Optima 4300-DV instrument design is optimized to ensure accuracy, improved method development and consistent measurements. The instrument is capable of measuring the concentrations of metals in liquid samples in the ppm to low ppb range. The Optima 4300-DV uses a high energy echelle based polychromator to detect optical emissions at visible and UV regions with a resolution of 0.006 nm. It has dual-view capabilities for viewing the plasma accomplished by computer control of a mirror located in the optical path for axial and radial views. The Optima 4300-DV uses a Segmented-array Charge-coupled Device (SCD) as the detector for measuring wavelength intensities. The plasma ignition is computer controlled and uses a 40-MHz free-running solid state RF generator which can be adjusted from 750 to 1500 watts in 1-watt increments. Ultra high purity Argon gas is used to generate the plasma at a flow rate of 15L/min. A compressed air shear gas is used to remove the plasma tail from the optical path to minimize interferences and extending the dynamic range. The Optima 4300-DV uses the 1-slot quartz torch for plasma/auxiliary gas flow and a 2.0 mm quartz injector for sample ionization in the plasma. The sample introduction system includes an attached 3-channel computer controlled peristaltic pump, a quartz baffled cyclonic spray chamber and a GemCone high dissolved solids nebulizer. A Perkin Elmer AS-93 Plus Autosampler is used for automated analysis.

Perkin Elmer ELAN 6000 ICP-MS

mass spectrometer

The Geochemical Analytical Lab has a Perkin Elmer Elan 6000 ICP-MS instrument (inductively coupled plasma – mass spectrometer) used for simultaneous trace and ultra-trace element analysis (ppb to low ppt range) in liquid samples. The Elan 6000 measures the mass/charge ratio of elements (the number of singly charged ions) for their determination using a quadrupole as the mass analyzer (mass separation device). The Elan 6000 features a unique Auto Lens ion optic system for on-the-fly computer controlled lens optimization that allows every element in a multielement analysis to be determined at it’s optimum lens voltage and achieves maximum analyte ion signal with minimum matrix suppression. The Elan 6000 also features a dual-stage discrete dynode detector allowing for both low and high concentrations measurements simultaneously in a single scan. Ultra high purity Argon is used as the plasma gas with a 0-slot quartz torch for the plasma and auxiliary gas flows. Sample introduction system includes a computer controlled 3-channel peristaltic pump, a cross flow nebulizer, a HF-resistant Ryton Scott spray chamber and a 2 mm ceramic injector. The analysis is automated using a Perkin Elmer AS-90 Autosampler.

Dionex DX-600 Ion Chromatograph

ion chromatograph

The Geochemical Analytical Lab has a Dionex (now Thermo Scientific) DX-600 IC instrument (ion chromatograph) used for measuring the concentrations of inorganic anions (F, Cl, Br, NO3, PO4 -3 and SO4 -2) in water samples. The DX 600 instrument uses a CD25 Conductivity Meter for conductivity measurements and maintains eluent flow + sample injection using a GP50 Gradient Pump with an injection valve. The Dionex Ion Pac AS 14 (4 X 250 mm) is used as the analytical column while the Dionex Ion Pac AG 14 (4 X 50 mm) is used as the guard column. The newly designed Thermo Scientific AERS 500 (4 mm) is used as the eluent suppressor. The DX 600 IC uses a dilute mixture of Na2CO3 (3.5 mM)/NaHCO3 (1.0 mM) as the eluent which is used to stabilize sample anions in the solution, to provide kinetic flow of sample anions through the system and to provide counter anions to compete with analytes for active sites on the stationary phase in the analytical column.

Anton-Paar Multiwave 5000 Microwave Digestion System

Anton-Paar multiwave 5000 microwave digestion system

The Anton Paar Multiwave 5000 microwave digestion system enables digestion of a broad array of samples using acid leaching, solvent extraction, evaporation, microwave-induced O2 combustion, sample drying and synthesis. The SmartScreen provides a customizable, intuitive user interface with access to a comprehensive, interactive library of more than 500 pre-installed methods. Anton Paar’s easy-to-handle compact 24 HVT rotor holds 24 SmartVent Teflon digestion vessels. Modern SmartTemp sensor technology allows monitoring of the internal temperature of each digestion vessels to ensure method integrity.

Dionex ASE 350 Accelerated Solvent Extractor

accelerated solvent extractor

The Dionex ASE 350 is an automated system for extracting organic components from a variety of solid and semisolid samples.  The Dionium internal pathway allows extraction of mildly acidic or basic samples.  The Dionex ASC 350 uses a combination of elevated temperature and pressure with common solvents to increase the efficiency of the extraction process to obtain faster run times and reduce solvent use.